HSE Training Matrix Template

An HSE training matrix is a tool that helps to plan and organize the training needs of employees in a company. It is a table that lists the training courses and programs, and the frequency of the training and target audience. 

The template can help to identify the gaps in the training, prioritize the training needs, and monitor the progress and effectiveness of the training.

A free HSE training matrix template in Excel format can be downloaded from here

Contents of HSE Training Matrix Template

Here are some screenshots of the template below. 

Training Matrix 

Summary of the Trainings

How to Use the Template

It is important to customize the template according to the specific needs and goals of the company. Here are some steps to use this HSE training matrix template:

  • Define the job roles and responsibilities of the employees. This can be done by using job descriptions, performance appraisals, or interviews with the employees and managers.
  • Identify the skills and competencies that are required for each job role. These can include technical skills, soft skills, health and safety knowledge, and legal compliance.
  • List the training courses and programs that are available or needed to develop the skills and competencies. 
  • Add appropriate mode of delivery including internal or external training, online or offline training.
  • Assign the training courses and programs to the departments or job roles based on the relevance and importance of the skills and competencies. 
  • Specify the frequency and duration of the training courses and programs. 
I hope this template will help you to improve HSE trainings for your company.

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